Skydome Cabins

Like it or not, ready or not, the future is here, and it’s now! Well with the future comes some futuristic looking lodging examples, such as the Skydome Cabin. This unique and rather eye-catching design comes from the Russian company Skydome and boasts a wide range of designs and features, all while taking on quite a unique look and design. The Skydome Cabins come rocking six different models, the smallest starts at 34 square meters, and the largest hits 300 square meters.

The design is able to support over 1,500 pounds of snow per square meter, while can stand up to other weather conditions as well as any traditional design. The curved walls allow for an energy efficient appeal, while large windows that curve upwards make for some unique views. The interior plays host to endless possibilities, while offering flexibility and range in the process. Skydome-4



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