Ralph Lauren “Meet the Parents” Editorial

The holiday season is emotionally draining. One moment you’re having the procrastinating shopper panic attack as you weave through the retail crowds, and the next you’re exchanging gifts with loved ones after a viking-like feast. Yet nothing strikes holiday fear in a young adult’s life like having to meet your significant other’s family for the very first time. Before you win them over with a thoughtful gift, polite demeanour and a fire rendition of Run-D.M.C.’s “Christmas in Hollis,” you’re going to have to make a great first impression, and Ralph Lauren has you covered.

Featuring selections from the American clothier’s Polo, RRL, Denim & Supply, and Black Label lines, the above editorial showcases a number of looks that’ll surely impress your future in-laws, including festive staples like wool tartan blazers, tweed trousers, adorable sweaters, and colorful ties. And while the aforementioned are safe, conservative choices, Ralph has a selection of clean moto- and military-inspired garments that won’t compromise your personal style.






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